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The team at Zentered helped us migrate our website from WordPress to a modern static site composed of Hugo, Netlify, and Forestry CMS. Within a few weeks HC re-built us a secure, reliable, and super fast website that is easy for any non technical expert to manage. Thank you for making the transition so easy!

Keep the story going. Get your own blog

Medium Paywall

If you publish your content on Medium and your article becomes popular, Medium can decide to put their paywall in front of your article. This means only paying Medium readers can consume your content. And everyone else sees the image above.

There are many benefits of running your own blog and made it incredibly easy and affordable to deploy and host static websites and blogs:

  • your own domain
  • your content belongs to you
  • your own design and brand
  • security & safety (no backend/database that can be hacked)
  • great performance with static site generators
  • Markdown as a standardized content format that can be re-used and exported into anything
  • signup forms and automations
  • analytics of your choice (we recommend Simple Analytics)

This is an excellent setup for developers, since they can work directly in the repository and write their articles in the editors they love. For everyone who prefers a neat CMS, we work with to manage the content on your site through their hosted CMS solution. Changes are directly committed to the repository and can be deployed in minutes.


You can go beyond a blog and host pages, documentation, landing pages etc. all on a single site and with your design, your brand and with your (SEO) optimizations. There is no need for plugins slowing down your site, and with netlify you’re not bound to a single location but have built-in content delivery network. Your site loads fast everywhere, not just where your server/hoster is located.

Check out our portfolio of static sites:

We have great experience building static pages including the one you’re readig right now and work with talented designers and marketers who can help you get the most of your site. Contact us today to discuss your new site.

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