Testing with CI/CD Pipelines

We strongly believe proper testing can identify more than 90% of software issues in advance and help fix them before they ever frustrate your users. We can help you to find the right fit in testing software, testing libraries and strategies. We set up the pipelines, pull-request verifications and post-merge tests for a seamless and confident developer experience.

Cloud Native Deployment & Releases

Our regular deploy time is about 5 minutes from push to production. We work with serverless functions for quick and easy deployments that don’t require expensive DevOps. We have optimized our CI/CD pipelines to deploy releases of each function and run multiple versions the same time, for seamless rollout of breaking changes. You can read more about serverless v2.0.0 in our blog.


Once your app is up and running, we can help you find the right monitoring solution for you, depending on your needs and wishes.

Work With Us

If you're looking a great team of software engineers, we're here to help. Write us a message to get the ball rolling on your software engineering project.