Open Source

  • Next Product Docs

    Documentation for Next.js

  • GitEvents

    Events Meet Issue Ops

  • GitEvents ICS

    GitEvents iCal Action to generate .ics files for calendar subscriptions

  • Cloudflare Preview URL Action

    GitHub Action to return the Cloudflare Pages Preview URL

  • Fastify Sentry Plugin

    A Fastify plugin for attaching Sentry to the framework

  • Markdown SEO Check

    GitHub Action to validate markdown files with SEO best practices. Creates a pull request comment and fails if conditions are not met.

  • Vercel Preview URL Action

    Receive the deployment preview URL from Vercel

  • Shortcut Move Story Action

    Move a ticket on to another workflow/column

  • Reading Time to Manifest Action

    GitHub Action to calculate the reading time of Markdown files and write the results to a manifest.json